The Last Day

Yes….I missed posting yesterday, but really it was just another sea day. Very warm, humid, and not much beyond just sitting, reading, and relaxing. Until the art auction. Attendance is greeted with Champagne that comes almost as often as the glass empties. The host of the auction, as always, is certainly well versed in his … Read more

Another Sea Day

Sea days are certainly not unique but can be valuable regardless of not being able to go ashore. Much like relaxing while on a beach-driven vacation, there are numerous water activities to be enjoyed. Given the number of pools and hot tubs aboard, there are always places to wade, swim, sit, or float. Lounge chairs … Read more


Arrived and docked by 8 in the morning and it’s already 26c with a probable high of 29c. Oh yeah…more rain as well. Today is the 35th anniversary of Antigua’s independence. They, too, have tourism as their primary industry, exporting nothing and importing everything. Fuel, for instance, comes from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. Onboard … Read more

St. Maarten

Expected high today in St. Maarten is 28c which it probably met. What they didn’t elaborate on was the rain. Admittedly not a lot and it was only torrential for a brief period of time. But really…some people come here to sit on the beach or stay on the ship in and around the pools … Read more

What Am I Doing Wrong?

This is our first time with extended days at sea…this cruise having 3 right off the bat. So please pardon the lack of reading material for yesterday (Saturday). Not much was accomplished. Some time was spent in the theatre becomming acquainted with the shopping opportunities on the 3 islands that are coming our way. St … Read more

The Best Plan Can Be No Plan

Today held the promise of being the first of doing little, if anything. The ship has plenty to do if you actually want to exercise more than the muscles required to sit. However, having spent a lot of time wearing out shoe leather of late, the choice of sedentary relaxation held the most appeal. With … Read more

The Ship!

Another day starts and once again we manage to make our way down to breakfast.  It’s difficult to imagine how an OMELET can be chewy!  It is, almost by definition, several eggs beaten and quickly fried to fluffy goodness.  Apparently that is not true everywhere.  Bacon should be crisp, yet faintly moist, not wet with … Read more

Followed by Our Last Full Day

There is simply not nearly enough time in 3 days (ish) to see New York, never mind the surrounding territory. This morning we managed to fall out of bed early enough to partake of our included-in-the-hotel-price breakfast. Admittedly not Gordon Ramsey rated, but it was free and didn’t do us harm. Just down the street … Read more

Our First (Very!) Full Day

We had found a great little diner just down the street from our hotel last night and it met us head on and didn’t flinch.  Food was very good, service attentive without being nosy and the price reasonable for New York.  Dinner taken care of and being more than a little tired there was just … Read more

Another Plan Doomed to Fail

New York, being New York, is not an inexpensive place to stay especially in Midtown Manhattan.  Spending the first night on the plane seemed like a prudent way to save a little money by not having the extra night in a hotel.  Ok…we  left late at night. As it turns out it was technically early … Read more