Piccadilly Circus

This being our last day in London with a Very early and Very long day tomorrow, we accept the fact that it will likely be a shorter day of exploration.  However, that merely gives the excuse to return and visit whatever was missed this time around (or even revisit some). No early rising today so … Read more

Little Venice

So today (Saturday) we embark on our longest journey without actually being on a formal tour.  The Tube, which is both very near to the hotel and very convenient to use for getting around London, has for us, been limited to single line junctions.  This time a change from one line to another is in … Read more

Cutty Sark

Today there is nothing actually planned which does not mean there is nothing to do.  There is a we-could-do-this list (which is wonderfully not the same as a Honey-do list).  It’s hard to imagine struggling to find something to do in London, but there were some things that have held a certain intrigue that we … Read more


Our drive continues, again through numerous small towns and villages.  It’s more than a little pastoral and the roads are not very busy, as one would expect given where we are.  Along the way, by way of showing off knowledge gained by simple proximity, it is learned that custard is a wicked conspiracy dreamt up … Read more

Stratford Upon Avon

Another day, another (ultimate count of) 13,000 steps and another early alarm.  These days may present as a strange “vacation” that seems to consist primarily of up-early, walk for miles, see lots of stuff and collapse into bed later.  Yet time marches on, youth departs and there remains so much more to see.  Resting on … Read more

London Day 1 – Ripper Walk

On our first visit to London, some 5 years ago, there was not nearly enough time to do all the things we would have liked.  I’m not sure why I thought this time would be any different.  Yes, we’ll be here a few days longer than the first time, but that is essentially meaningless.  If … Read more

London – Day 1

We’ve said our goodbyes to the ship (at the most unreasonable hour of 6:50 AM), made our way down the gangway, collected our luggage and grabbed a taxi from the port into Southampton proper.  At the bus station we find that we are a little earlier than we had planned.  It’s going to be at … Read more


Appreciating that yesterday was a sea day, it should have afforded me time to update everything that needed to be.  However such was not the case.  It really became more one of total relaxation by doing nothing. I use the term ’nothing’ purely as a reference; there was reading to be done, wine to be … Read more

St. Andrew’s Journey

Our port today is at South Queensferry.  This report is going to be somewhat one-sided as my Dear Wife is on her own excursion to the City of Edinburgh.  What information may come from there, and I say this kindly, is likely to be extremely limited if it exists at all.  She is definitely more … Read more