Star Princess Cruises

This will be a quick view of our cruises taken aboard The Star Princess. It should be updated with each new cruise.

Our third ever cruise, this one in 2009 (again, before blogging days) took use down the west coast of North and South America. This was one of the very few times we actually encountered weather severe enough to rock the ship. Substantially. Spoiler alert!! We survived without incident. 🙂 This is that cruise.

As an aside…the very first cruise we ever took was in 2005 (with my aunt and uncle on the second part. YAY!!!). It was done well before I had started my blog which is why there are no postings for this cruise. It was a back-to-back cruise…basically 2 cruises both starting and ending in Ft. Lauderdale but each going to different places. We were very fortunate in that we did NOT have to change our cabin for each cruise (which can happen). My aunt and uncle joined us for the second part of our journey after which we visited DisneyWorld and surrounding area for a couple of days. This is that cruise.

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