Day Thirteen – What the Heck???

It’s now time to leave our oasis.  As with every cruise so far it comes much too soon.  A decision was made to take our luggage ourselves in order to secure an early disembarkation.  Eight o’clock arrives and we’re walking off the ship.  Much better than waiting until ten thirty.  On to the shuttle, back … Read more

Day Eight – Whales, Sea Lions and Orca, the Killer (not) Whale

Our first ‘official’ Alaska day begins with stopping in Juneau.  Although our whale watching tour doesn’t leave the docks until 2 PM, we’re still up fairly early and down for a bite of breakfast (again at Sabattini’s).  The weather is not outstanding but it’s certainly bearable given what hardy Albertan’s should be accustomed to.  Mother … Read more

Day Seven – Sabattini’s, Art and Separation

Today is a sea day.  Basically a nothing-on-your-plate day.  Do what you will or nothing at all or something in between. Another perk is breakfast in Sabattini’s (the other surcharge-based dining room).  Normally a dining room only place, it does serve breakfast, but only to an exclusive clientele.  It really would be too easy to … Read more

Day Four…Rain = Shopping

The day starts as promised – clouds letting loose just enough to make photo-ops just about impossible.  What to do, what to do?  Well…on the official to-do list was to get some shopping done.  (Now…for the faint of heart I feel it prudent to warn you, this day will appear to many as rather dull.  … Read more