The Best Plan Can Be No Plan

Today held the promise of being the first of doing little, if anything. The ship has plenty to do if you actually want to exercise more than the muscles required to sit. However, having spent a lot of time wearing out shoe leather of late, the choice of sedentary relaxation held the most appeal. With that in mind a quick breakfast (which had nary a tough omelet in sight) was enjoyed and comfortable chairs were located – indoors, as today also provides both more warmth (YIPPEE!) and a lot more rain (bummer).

One set of chairs leads to others throughout the ship, accompanyed by obligatory glasses of wine from time to time. Various spots abound affording differing levels of auditory sensations, be it just passengers wandering around or music wafting up from the central piazza.

Princess now offers a section in their ship called Princess Live. This is their in-house television studio hosting different types of shows from time to time. Today was a show delving into the culinary skills that prevail in the galley. Hosted by the Head Chef and the Maitre’d, their light-hearted banter and brief overview of 3 dishes made for passenger enjoyment, gave the studio audience many laughs and a quick blink into how menu items come to be.

Between breakfast, the tv show, lunch, dinner, and just meandering, the day moved ahead. A well-deserved break in the casino managed to turn into a 100% increase in a $50 roulette investment. Taking leave with real cash in pocket seemed prudent.

After dinner, taking in a live performance in the Princess Theatre seemed a good idea. A pianist that does stand-up comedy…or a comic that also plays the piano…not sure what the real definition of John Bressler is. However he is honestly quite talented at both. One hour of solid entertainment, laughs and excellent music.

Tomorrow will be similar to today insofar as general activities go and that doesn’t bother me at all.

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