Paris (day 2)

Although it is world renown for both its opulence and the quality of performances that have taken place there, the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) seems to lack an abundance of tourist traffic.  However, that works to your benefit.  When you get to Paris (because you WILL get there some day) take the time to visit … Read more


Getting to Paris should have been uneventful.  After all, how difficult can a short, 1.5 hour flight be, even if it’s on a less-than-major airline?  Well, it only takes one event to bring on the stress. The airline we chose has some rather strict guidelines.  Weight of the main luggage, for instance, can only be … Read more


Venice…and the last day (and overnight on the ship) of our cruise.  Although we have been here twice before, we have sailed ~out~ of Venice in the past.  This time we sail ~in~.  Not a lot of difference, to be sure, but all reports appear to be suggesting that this year (maybe next) could be … Read more


Athens…it may not be the eternal city, but it certainly feels that way.  The Acropolis (perhaps another surprise?) is the hill that the temples and other buildings sit on top of, gazing down on all that lay at their feet.  They seem like they have been there just short of forever and still they stand, … Read more


Kusadasi – ku sha dasi for those of you, like me, that have forever pronounced it incorrectly. No HOHO bus for us today as there isn’t one.  But once again I get to say I have been to Asia, but truthfully, not quite the way I still intend. Kusadasi is totally in that part of … Read more

Istanbul, not Constantinople

Istanbul, not Constantinople. Today is Sunday and as such, the Grand Bazaar is not open.  Almost everything else is however.  But once again, it is an area that we have toured before.  Did we really see all there was to see then?  Certainly not, but a formal tour simply didn’t make the planner this time … Read more


Another blissful sea day passes and now – Mykonos…just one of so very many Greek islands.  Having been here before I was reminded of what I liked about it the first time.  For the most part it is just a great island to walk around on. It has its own version of Venice – Little … Read more

Isle of Capri

When the moon hits your eye like a big Pizza Pie…it must be Napoli.  This birth place of pizza (that wonderful combination of the 3 basic food groups – starch, protein and vegetable) is like all the Mediterranean stops on this journey – another that we now enjoy a second time.  Our first visitation here … Read more

L’Olivella Di Frascati

Rome…well not exactly. Civitavecchia is the port about an hour and a half from Rome and it is from here we leave on a wine-appreciation tour. Our little group (only 8 of us) piled into a comfortable van and off we went.  Skirting just past Rome we ended up at a vineyard just outside the … Read more

San Gimignano

Livorno – gateway to Florence, Piza and the wonderful Tuscany region (yeah…another sea day yesterday).  In fact, it is the second largest city in Tuscany (right behind Florence). In 1881 the navel accademy was established here.   Navy personnel from around the world now attend to hone their skills and enhance their knowledge at one of … Read more