About Us

So…who are we?  A while ago a colleague of mine made a comment about our blog.  He said “I know you…who you are, etc. but I would never get that from your blog.  With that in mind why, then, would I ever read it?”

I had to think about that for a bit.  What he said was true so the question we had to ask ourselves was, who do we ~want~ to read this?

The quick answer was – everyone.  That’s a little simplistic and certainly too broad to be realistic.  People that are interested in reading about personal adventures taking place around the world is more in tune with our intended audience.  Certainly family and friends, but also anyone else that might be in a similar circumstance to ours and may have simply not had a desire to see and do more.  Our experiences may spur them onward.

We are a couple that have been married 40 ++ years (and I think my wife still loves me!!).  With both of us now gainfully retired, funding these excursions is more of a challenge.  Not yet impossible, however…which is a good thing.   My wife’s passion for painting and photography keeps us looking at our travels with open eyes (and mouths as we like to make a point of trying local fare be it food or drink   😉  )

Our kids are grown with spouses and children of their own.  Our neighbors are great and our neighborhood quiet.  All these things add up, allowing us flexibility to go outside of the normal summer months.  We can avoid some crowds (depending on where our journey takes us).  Sweltering heat is usually not an issue and we have yet to run out of places to visit.

Cruising has been our go-to travel methodology as it provides so many different opportunities in relatively short periods of time.  Although it limits our time in any specific port of call, it also presents a small inkling of the locale.  While not always a ‘fair’ overview, more often than not it has led to return visits allowing for a more informed and well-rounded impression.  These revisitations have often been by car, wandering the countryside.  Getting lost (figuratively and physically) has never been an unwelcome event.

We hope this gives you a little insight.  Perhaps enough to join us here and take part (at least visually) in our escapades?

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