The End

Our last tour day (Sunday) was in Akita and we were fortunate enough to have a guide whose English was the best so far.  Still accented but much easier to understand she was quite enjoyable to listen to.  Well spoken and certainly well versed in Akita’s history and culture she gave insight to the area … Read more

Yellow Tail Tuna

Our guide today, while quite knowledgeable, was also quite difficult to understand.  His command of English was fairly good, but his accent was more than a little challenging.  The facts he presented were interesting but the market area, and restaurant we had lunch at, proved to be the highlight of our tour today.  Taking a … Read more

Unusual In Its Kindness

Here it is…Friday the 13th.  How’s it going to turn out?  To begin with, the ship didn’t arrive in port until 10 A.M.  A sleep in day!  Off to a good start. Now up by 9 A.M. for a quick shower etc. and upstairs for a leisurely breakfast.  A look outside shows weather that will … Read more

Weight Reduction

The seas were a bit rough last night and as we pulled into port in Busan this morning (Thursday), they calmed down.  However, the weather was less cooperative.  Drizzle rain: you know, the stuff that is just enough to be really annoying, get your camera wet and mess up your hair.  On the plus side … Read more

Did I Mention…

Today we start by getting up at 7 A.M. so that after all is said and done we can be on the bus by 8:30.  But…I LIKE sleeping in!!  Oh well…it’s all about the experiences, right? Today the first stop will be at the Obi Castle.  But on the way there, it’s time once again … Read more

Missed It By That Much

The Hakodate morning started around 15C and never got any warmer.  On top of that clouds crammed the skies.  Many of them hung low enough to cover half of any mountains (hills, really) that would have been visible.  And just to add one more little nuisance to the day, it was raining.  On the plus … Read more


Since the early 1700’s to around 1950, Otaru has had a major fishing industry comprising mainly of herring.  That industry remains, but is now coupled heavily with tourism to help support the town. Our first tour stop in Otaru will be near the top of Mount Tengu.  As we make our way through this small … Read more

Not Ideal Weather

True to expectations, the wake-up call happened right at 6 A.M.  Oh well, it won’t be an every day occurance. Time to get dressed and have a quick bite before it’s down to deck 7 to meet up with the rest of our tour.  As per normal, we’re not the only group leaving at this … Read more