Mixed Emotions

It’s Saturday and we fly home tomorrow.  This past week has pretty much flown by as most vacations do.  And that in itself is perhaps the wrong term.  A ‘vacation’ is usually a term used in the context of a break from work.  For us, that’s not so much the case.  It has really been … Read more

A Delectable Wine Tour

Friday begins pretty much exactly like Thursday…clear skies above and all around warmed by a golden orb we haven’t seen very often back home this year.  Another light breakfast, coffee and OJ, back to the room to get cameras etc and we settle in to wait for our ride. Yes…our ride.  A wine tour loses … Read more

Top Down And Wind In The Hair

Thursday…up at the crack of dawn and off we go.  Ok…maybe dawn has broken some time ago and I’m taking journalistic license.  Sue me.  🙂 Dressed and out for a quick breakfast as provided by the hotel and it’s finally time to change the car’s appearance.  Now there is nothing hindering proper, nothing broken, automatic, … Read more

A Much Better Day

It’s now Wednesday and having woke from a fairly good sleep, the day brightened our window with nothing but sunshine.  Right behind our hotel was an excellent home cookin’ restaurant which helped shape a most satisfying start to our drive north. Looking forward to dropping the top on this new mode of transportation, disappointment soon … Read more

An Eventful Day

Our last day on the ship should have been relatively uneventful.  We knew we were going to be even later than we thought (arriving at around 2 PM instead of our original 6 AM, which was later adjusted to noon).  As we had cleared US Customs in Vancouver before we even got on board, getting … Read more

Pamper Yourself

The everyday world we all live in can have special moments if we’re willing to do something different.  This cruise, an opportunity presented itself that was not something I would have considered, initially.  Sitting at the Art Auction (cuz I like to watch and drink their free sparkling wine), I managed to do something not … Read more

Presentation Is The Key

Ok…I promise to keep this post less wine-forward than its predecessor.  However, I also mentioned there was another observation which (as it turns out) involves wine. Princess has long been our favored cruise line for a variety of reasons.  They have recently instituted a major enhancement to the Princess Cruise experience.  This would be their … Read more

It’s All About The Wine

As much as the Original intent of this cruise was just a simple, short, get-away-from-it-all, it seems to have manifested itself into more of a wine excursion.  Certainly onboard it has gone that way and I now look at it as being a pre-cursor of what is yet to come. When we (finally) dock in … Read more

Blog Success – Ship Not So Much

Once again my blog seems to be working as it should.  The stress was not needed as this is Supposed to be a relaxing, no ports-of-call, trip.  Which it is and will likely continue to be.  However…the Ship’s Captain may have a slightly different view on the matter. When we first booked this trip the … Read more

Anxiety Averted

Writing my blog has always been something I have enjoyed.  Yes it takes a certain amount of time and yes it requires me to either take copious notes during the day or rely on an aging memory, but it still brings a certain level of satisfaction. Until I started to prep for this adventure. It … Read more