Emerald Princess Cruises

This will be a quick view of our cruises taken aboard The Emerald Princess. It should be updated with each new cruise.

As an aside…our second ever cruise was with my mother and our youngest daughter. Again, regrettably, it was done prior to my blogging days so there are no posts for this specific cruise. This adventure was both water and land. The ship cruise, starting in Venice and ending in Barcelona, was done by all and thoroughly enjoyed. My dear mom had never been ‘across the pond’ so this was even more special for her (and for me to have both of them with us!). After the ship portion, my daughter and mother left for home. The next part was done by car. Note that this was done PRIOR TO GPS and phone maps etc. That proved to be a most fabulous (and at times challenging) adventure for my dear wife and I. This is where those travels took us.

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