We took the FLIX train to Berlin from Gotha; only because it was a direct train. As a cheap train it was OK, but we certainly like the Deutsch Bahn better, especially so, because we sit in 1st class when we can.  Got to the very large Berlin HBF (main station) and stopped for coffee … Read more


Still in Gotha, we decided to spend the day in Erfurt, a town about 30 minutes away. Put everyone in a taxi and off we went. The cost was probably about as expensive as taking 2 short taxi rides to and from the train station, plus 4 people on the train. Certainly simpler and much … Read more


Well, we managed to get all our luggage on the train and finally, after some searching, found our seats. A 3-hr train ride was very nice, quiet and so much more room than an airplane. We took a taxi to our apartments. We have 2 studio rooms, complete with a small kitchen, large bed and … Read more

And so it begins

From Edmonton Airport we were on a small express flight to Calgary. We then transferred to thankfully a larger plane enroute to Frankfurt.  It would have been nice to have larger seat but the upgrade cost was almost $1000 more. We had to get Mom a wheelchair and have now set her up with assistance … Read more

Germany – Land of our ancestors

My mother was born, Feb 11, 1930, in Kunitz, Silesia, which was a small province southeast of Germany. It no longer exists, but was absorbed by Poland and Czechoslovakia following WW2. This is the shortened version of my mom’s life story. She left her home at 13, the end of formal schooling, to apprentice for … Read more