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5 Weeks In Europe (Day 7 and day 8, you’ll notice, seem to be missing…they are The Ship and The Ship 2)

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Okanagan Wines (yes…again…start at the bottom – not a cruise but a drive through the wine center of B.C.)

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Our Latest Floating Hotel

We’re trying to travel the world and have had a modicum of success. Cruising is our preferred method but, having said that, we’ve also done a fair share of driving, walking, flying, train-riding, busing, and the list goes on. Yet to come (although we don’t know when) would be travel by donkey or possibly an elephant. Hope abounds.

(This is the new Sky Princess, which would have been our home away from home.  Hopefully either later this year, or next April we will get onboard.)


This may be our longest adventure yet!

We both turn 65 this year and I have managed to finally retire.  Health may not be perfect, but still good enough to allow us another cruise.  And this one will be epic.

The newest ship in the Princess fleet, the Sky Princess, would have been our home for a 25 day trans-Atlantic adventure followed by some relaxation in Italy and the Netherlands.

With any luck, we will be onboard next year at the same time.  Hopefully.

April 2019 Cruise Cancelled Due To COVID-19!

April 9, 2021
37 days to go.

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