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5 Weeks In Europe (Day 7 and day 8, you’ll notice, seem to be missing…they are The Ship and The Ship 2)

Cruise The Rhine (start at the bottom and read up….)

Alaska (go to older posts and start at the bottom…read up….)

Okanagan Wines (yes…again…start at the bottom – not a cruise but a drive through the wine center of B.C.)

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Our latest floating hotel.

We’re trying to travel the world and have had a modicum of success. Cruising is our preferred method but, having said that, we’ve also done a fair share of driving, walking, flying, train-riding, busing, and the list goes on. Yet to come (although we don’t know when) would be travel by donkey or possibly an elephant. Hope abounds.

(This is the ship we will be on again – The Royal Princess sporting its new Livery Design.  Please visit “Our Ship” for views from within!)


This time it’s a quicky

This year marked our 42nd wedding anniversary.  I was stuck for a respectable present for my dear wife.  What to get for someone you’ve been with for that long?  We have pretty much everything we want.

There is something happening next year (which is all I can say right now) but I came up with a plan to make next year even bigger.  Hence this short, but eventful, cruise.

Please join us once again. :-)

Down the West Coast

Vancouver to LASeptember 14th, 2019
Short, but the wine intervention will help.

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