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5 Weeks In Europe (Day 7 and day 8, you’ll notice, seem to be missing…they are The Ship and The Ship 2)

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Okanagan Wines (yes…again…start at the bottom – not a cruise but a drive through the wine center of B.C.)

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Regal-Princess_2Our Next (we hope!) Floating Hotel

There has been, as everyone is aware, so many changes in the cruising industry.  We have stoically resolved to just sit back and let things develop as they will.  Finally, after 2 years of differing delays, it appears our patience will be rewarded!.  All goes well, and the world continues to rebound, we should be on the above (yes, a different yet same one again) to sail parts of the Mediterranean not visited by us.

This time, we are very fortunate indeed to have a couple, that have been close friends for over 25 years, joining us on our voyage of discovery.  Hopefully they will remain friends AFTER the time spent with us.  😉

(BTW…each new section in the ‘Current Adventure’ has a highlighted title (in orange I believe).  If you click on that, at the bottom of the redisplayed page you can leave comments should you wish.  Any and all are welcome.  Thanks! 🙂 )

This will be one of our most memorable I’m sure.

First we are travelling with adventurers like ourselves (retired, love food, wine and seeing foreign lands).  And they also happen to be long-time friends.

Second, AFTER this cruise we will have (finally) attained a much-sought-after travel status with Princess.  Too bad it doesn’t come into effect until our Next cruise.

November 2022 New Cruise!

November 6, 2022
4 months to go.

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