Arrived and docked by 8 in the morning and it’s already 26c with a probable high of 29c. Oh yeah…more rain as well.

Today is the 35th anniversary of Antigua’s independence. They, too, have tourism as their primary industry, exporting nothing and importing everything. Fuel, for instance, comes from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago.

Onboard the Mystic II (at 9AM) beginning a catamaran beach and lobster lunch cruise. We’re now about an hour out heading to our first beach and learning more about the surrounding territory all along the way. On one side is Hawksbill hotel and Hawksbill rock, both named after the turtle of the same name. This area also has the largest breeding ground for these turtles in the world.

After we reach our first destination an hour is spent frolicking on the sand and back to our boat for lunch. Garlic potatoes, rice, salad with a variety of dressings and a half Caribbean spiny lobster await our consumption. It may have been slightly over done but still delicious and certainly bigger than I would have imagined (or needed).   More could have been enjoyed as there was no shortage of food however there was a shortage…of room in the stomach.   Oh yeah…forgot to mention one of the sauces was a Caribbean hot sauce. It lived up to its legendary status…much like Napalm, nothing subtle and certainly long lasting.   Nuff said.

All the while the rum drinks (plus red and white wine and Champagne) haven’t stopped.   That, plus the rocking of the boat, tends to make one walk funny.

Now it’s on to our second beach stop and again the water is bathtub warm with soft, exfoliating sand underfoot. And, if you’re not careful the rolling waves can take you for a tumble and you end up scrubbing more than your feet. Tough to take. 😉  A small rainfall hit and what was surprising was the reaction of so many people still onboard. These same people had been off in the water at the last beach and now muttering about how we should be heading back to the ship. If you were just in the water how much more wet are you going to get in an 80 degree plus shower? Some were worried about thunder … because…the lightening (that was nowhere around) was going to hurt someone when we’re also surrounded by tall foothills covered with tall trees?  You’re on vacation…relax.   The crew on the boat are much more familiar with weather conditions than you and they’re dancing to the music.

After an hour and a half of more lazy cruising around and we’re on our way back to the main island in time to get on board our bigger vessel once again.

Yes…somewhat of an uneventful day, but isn’t that what this is truly all about? 🙂

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