Day last…the choices we must make.

Another morning…another breakfast…another picture perfect day.  The major difference?  Today is our last as we are starting our return to real life.  As with every good (or even bad) thing in life, there will always come an end. Fortunately it’s not quite the end of the wine search.  🙂  Our first real day of rounding-up … Read more

Day five…no shortage.

We awoke to pretty much another perfect day in paradise.  Our host had asked (the night before) what we would like for breakfast in the morning and I said an egg would be great.  ‘No problem…I’m sure I can come up with something’ was her understatement.  A one egg request transformed into 3 perfectly triangular … Read more

Day four…more of the same.

Another great breakfast to start the day (cuz you shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach) and off we went.  The morning (for a change) did not actually involve any drinking.  Yes…I know…surprise surprise.  Rather it was spent with some long time dear friends who, several years ago, left the Arctic-like winters of Edmonton for a climate … Read more

Day one…it begins slowly

Another year and another adventure.  And although this one is somewhat less grandiose than those in prior years, it will be no less fulfilling. The title says it all…the wine cellar has all but diminished to nothing but a fond memory.  Given there are no across-the-pond visitations this year, and Niagara is a little too … Read more