The Last Day

Yes….I missed posting yesterday, but really it was just another sea day. Very warm, humid, and not much beyond just sitting, reading, and relaxing. Until the art auction.

Attendance is greeted with Champagne that comes almost as often as the glass empties. The host of the auction, as always, is certainly well versed in his delivery as well as his overall knowledge of the featured painters.

The very first cruise we went on (over a decade ago) came with an introduction to an artist by the name of Michael Godard. Being one of the many people that ‘may not know much about art, but I know what I like’ his paintings had a whimsical appeal that immediately caught the eye. Looking back, one of my (many) great mistakes in life was not buying at least one (and more would have been even smarter) of his works. At the time, $500 seemed like a lot of money for a piece of art. Today, that same piece would be worth at least $4000 if not more. This time I settled for a collection of 3 hand-signed prints by another rather renowned artist by the name of David Najar. I should live so long for these to be worth something substantial.

Here I will post some pictures of our time in Bonaire…I would be remiss if I did not. I neglected to take notes so, regretfully, these will have to suffice.

Nothing even marginally exciting for the rest of the day but that evening was also the final formal night. One last time for dressing up to see and be seen. No Champagne Waterfall, but dinner consisted of all the wonderful seafood goodies that have been anticipated. Escargot, Tiger Prawn, Lobster Tail – the many other delightful items on the menu I’m sure were meant for others. Aside from the fact that food onboard is generally excellent, a fundamental problem is that one can also order any given item any number of times. It’s a good thing weight restrictions on the plane are only applicable to luggage.

More study is spent relating to the concepts of roulette and then it’s off to bed (after bidding the casino a FOND adieu 😉 )

Today is simply a repeat of yesterday sans the art auction and formal approach to dinner. Time will be spent packing, itemizing for customs and making sure we don’t forget anything. Tomorrow’s departure will be early (8 A.M. to be in the Platinum Lounge and off the ship by 10:30 A.M.). Grab a cab and head for the airport.

Sigh…I can barely wait for April 2017 🙂

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