Day 23 – Lake Garda and Cesari

Sunday was travel…lots of it and it would not have been complete without rain.  Fortunately it wasn’t constant and the temperature had undergone a definite improvement.  Thank goodness for small favors. The distance to be covered reduces the overall photo ops that can be appreciated so there are but few stops along the way.  A … Read more

Vienna The Next 2 Days

Waking up Saturday morning provided no surprises with respect to the weather.  More of the same is simply the norm.  The plan was to visit the Schönbrunn Palace which we decided to still do regardless. It is imposing as most of these residences are.  The Habsburg monarchs definitely new how to live in style.  With … Read more

Day 20 – Vienna

Rain.  It has become the primary essence of our days.  It greets us when we wake, accompanies us through our activities, and watches as we fall asleep each night.  If it weren’t for the overall journey we enjoy, it would be very disgruntling.  But…it’s not snow. 🙂 Our B&B includes breakfast (of course!!) so with … Read more

Day 18 / 19 – Long travel day and 2 overnights in Salzburg

Yesterday (Tuesday – beginning to forget what day it is..) we successfully grabbed our (early) train to Munich.  Enjoying a cup of coffee on board coupled with breakfast nibbles we had purchased the day before at the grocery, the countryside passed by. About as much time was spent passing through small towns (with very few … Read more

Day 16 / 17 – Zurich

The evening before gave us lessons in gastronomy prices even in the University district.  You would think students, being of limited income, would be surrounded by low-cost dining options.  Not so.  Two lovely cafe’s we found, while filled with delectable choices, were not for the faint of heart, financially speaking.  This morning’s breakfast turned into … Read more

Day 15 – Basel and good-bye

After leaving Strasbourg, the last leg down the Rhine begins.  Travel is done all night and in the morning disembarkation begins.  A final breakfast, while not mandatory, seems prudent and, as always, pleasurable.  The bus arrives, gorges on luggage and wayfarers alike and departs.  Zurich, and land-based accommodation await. It’s Sunday, so our wait for … Read more

Day 14 – Strasbourg

Strasbourg is certainly one of those cities that has had battles with identity reassurance.  Although it is now the capital of the Alsace region (of which there are 22) of France, there has been a constant quandary over the centuries.  Are German or are we French? The city can successfully date itself back to 12 BC and in … Read more

Day 13 – Speyer

Once again this is another prime example of small town Germany. With about 50,000 residents, it has its roots dating back to about 10 BC as a Roman military camp. Its first official documented reference, however, is around 500 AD. The Dom zu Speyer (St. Maria and St. Stephan’s Cathedral) was consecrated in 1061. After … Read more