Another Sea Day

Sea days are certainly not unique but can be valuable regardless of not being able to go ashore. Much like relaxing while on a beach-driven vacation, there are numerous water activities to be enjoyed. Given the number of pools and hot tubs aboard, there are always places to wade, swim, sit, or float. Lounge chairs are everywhere and today there is even some sun to help fry one’s skin to a lobster-like hue.

An art display/auction can be appreciated and can also be used to lighten the burden that may remain in one’s wallet. Many other crew-inspired commotions are on all of the several entertainment-based decks throughout the ship. Couple those with the vast quantity of alcohol and food establishments that are willing to replace the weight given up by your wallet, and there is really no end of things to do.

Once more the casino gave out its mermaid-like call, enticing the weak and the foolish. And once again I strove to rescue that damsel in distress. Having yet to learn how better to control my actions, I found myself again forced to leave with more than I entered with. C’est la vie.

The day all but spent by doing pretty much nothing (Mother would be proud) it’s now time to become a little more presentable for dinner in Sabatini’s, the ships rather renown Italian speciality restaurant. As often as we have sailed on Princess Ships, we have partaken of its offerings almost every time. Yes, it really has been that good and that consistent. (The first time they continued to shave the fresh black truffle as often as it was asked for.)

Tonight became a seafood night for yours truly and a veal night for my dear wife. We did our own wine pairings and the only complaint (as has been often the case) was there was more nums than room in the stomach. Pictures will follow and I take time now to apologize for their delay. Internet time is both costly and slow. Suffice it to say that the food was again exemplary.

Tomorrow is Bonaire which holds no tours but perhaps more sun and time to just wander about.

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