Presentation Is The Key

Ok…I promise to keep this post less wine-forward than its predecessor.  However, I also mentioned there was another observation which (as it turns out) involves wine.

Princess has long been our favored cruise line for a variety of reasons.  They have recently instituted a major enhancement to the Princess Cruise experience.  This would be their Medallion Class (powered by their Medallion.Net).  While there are too many ways to use this facility than can easily be explained here, suffice it to say not only do you NOT need to carry around a ‘cruise card’ (replaced now with a ‘medallion’) you can also plan activities, find friends and family, chat with same, and order drinks and food (delivered to your current location) all by using your cell phone, tablet, or laptop.  AND not use Any of your precious data limits/internet minutes.  This is simplified, but for my purpose today it will be sufficient.  (Oh yeah…it automatically unlocks your door a few steps before you actually GET to your door.  How handy is THAT?)

As mentioned, one of the things you can do is plan your daily activities on-board the ship.  We had already booked a wine event (Maitre D’ Wine Club) which we like to do every cruise.  Yeah…it’s $25 per person and there is a less expensive version (Grapevine Wine Tasting, $9.50) but let’s be honest…you get what your pay for.  If I really want to drink less expensive wine….no…wait…I NEVER want to drink less expensive wine.  I’m simply getting to old to “settle”.

When using Journey View (that portion of Medallion Class that gives Ship Activities) to look over daily activities, it shows you where that activity is, what time it is, what it costs etc.  And you can ‘bookmark’ it so it is in ‘your events’ filtering out only those daily events that you’re either signed up for or wish to attend (rather that looking at ALL the events which, on some days, can be rather extensive).

So…I looked at ‘my events’ for the day and saw the Maitre D’ Wine club (good), at 2:45 (good), in the Concerto Dining Lounge (good), price $9.50 (WHAT??)  As mentioned before, I KNOW there are (typically) 2 of these type of events, and I know the prices for each.  Clearly there was a mistake.  Off to the Customer Service Desk to have a conversation.

I explained to the desk person that we had signed up for the Maitre D’ Wine Club, pre-paid and were successfully booked in.  I then brought up Journey View on my cell phone and showed him that event clearly at $9.50 rather than $25.  He, in turn, checked with someone else and they came to the conclusion that the posting on Journey View was incorrect.  Without putting up a fuss or expecting some kind of compensation for the price differential (I knew my price was correct and it was their posting that was wrong…to THEIR detriment) I simply wanted them to understand the problem.  They had the price adjusted before that day was out.

AND…gave us a FULL refund for helping them avoid a LOT of other problems.  Again, presentation is the key. 🙂

Finally…just to end this story, yes the wine tasting was superb.  In fact, the table I was at all agreed (unanimously) the Pinot Noir we tasted was not only the best over-all, but, by FAR the Best Pinot Noir any of us had enjoyed previously.  2017 Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Las Alturas, Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County.

More on ship activities to follow.  AND…tomorrow we leave for our drive up the coast.

One last thing…the ship has been further delayed (due to distance and available speed) so we won’t arrive until 2 PM in L.A.  Grab the car (by 3 if we’re lucky) and manage a 4 hour drive before we get to our first hotel.

Fun times!! 🙂

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