Pamper Yourself

The everyday world we all live in can have special moments if we’re willing to do something different.  This cruise, an opportunity presented itself that was not something I would have considered, initially.  Sitting at the Art Auction (cuz I like to watch and drink their free sparkling wine), I managed to do something not very common (for me, at least).  I won a prize!

Not a highly unaffordable painting or sculpture (my luck is not THAT good), rather a $50 coupon for the Spa.  Being of sound mind I offered it my dear wife.  As it turns out there was nothing that really appealed to her this time out so she suggested maybe I should use it.

A little while back I had mentioned how, after carefully checking everything before we left the house, I still managed to forget something.  It was a razor.  Not sure how I did that given I had used it that same morning and set it aside to bring along.  Oh well…I thought I would either get a cheap one along the way or just ‘rough it’ for the week.

By now it’s Monday and my face is looking somewhat scruffy.  But I have this coupon (now Officially mine) that I could use against a Spa treatment referred to as The Royal Shave.  Regularly $99 but now $49 (for me).  What the heck?  How often in life am I likely to get someone to give me a shave?  You only live but one time, so why not pamper yourself?  Done!

Entering the Spa I was guided to a change room where I would slip out of my clothes (underwear not part of the deal, it’s not THAT kind of Spa) and wear a really nice bathrobe and slippers.  The clothes were kept in my own personal locked compartment and soon I was met by Mandy, my attendant.

After sitting down in a barber chair, she reclined it almost fully and proceeded to lay a very warm towel around my neck, cheeks and forehead.  Ok…GREAT beginnings.  The rest of my hour was spent simply relaxing under her hands.  Getting my face ready for the oil she used (rather than typical shaving creme which dries out the skin), another hot towel replaced the first (which had cooled a bit).  While this rested against my skin, my scalp was then treated to a wonderful massage.  It always feels SOOO much better when someone else does this.  An explanation I had received once, from my hair stylist at home, was that because it was someone else’s fingers rather than your own, you only felt the sensation on your scalp rather than also on your own fingers.

This was followed by the first application of that oil and the first actual shave.  All the way around my face, another hot towel, reapply the oil and shave again.  Baby’s bum smooth!  Now a cold towel to close all the pores.

While that towel was on, it was time for my hands and arms to get their own massage.  Another first and this too was fabulous.  It is no wonder why people with too much money have this done often.  I really need to win that lottery!

One last warm towel to wash my face and neck and we’re done.  Mandy….Thank YOU for the excellent experience.  If any of my dear readers are going on the Royal Princess and are considering any of the Spa services, please do yourself a favor and ask for Mandy.

Next…a final post about the ship and then onwards. 🙂

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