Anxiety Averted

Writing my blog has always been something I have enjoyed.  Yes it takes a certain amount of time and yes it requires me to either take copious notes during the day or rely on an aging memory, but it still brings a certain level of satisfaction.

Until I started to prep for this adventure.

It all began with the simplest of tasks; create the first page of our latest adventure.  I’ve done this a number of times so it SHOULD be a nap-time accomplishment.  Nope.

Typically it starts a day or three ahead of our departure which allows me to get the first page in place giving insightful tidbits of the journey ahead.  And that much I was able to put in place.  The addition of a little map of our campaign is when my troubles began to manifest themselves.  No matter what I tried to do, in the fashion I had done so MANY times before, nothing would work.  To add salt to the wound, I quickly discovered that adding any additional pages had also become an impossible task.

It’s Wednesday, we’re leaving on Saturday, it’s after hours (from a website support perspective) and I’m scrambling.  Ok…slow down…take a breath and talk with someone tomorrow.

Well…after 2 more days of email tech-support (online chat service was out of commission) I was still struggling.  I like to think of myself as being at least a little tech-savvy, but I was missing something either very fundamental or Way above my pay-grade.  No success.

Our day of departure has now arrived and we’re going through everything at home making sure we don’t forget anything (which I STILL managed to do) and I looked at my email one last time.  Another email from tech-support was there and YES they have fixed everything.  At least so they lead me to believe.

The first gallery (simply a small map of our trip) is now updated (successfully!!)  We shall see what happens with this post.  If all goes well then perhaps anxiety will have been averted.

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