Day 27 – Sea Day

Up and at ‘em around 8 AM or so.  Down to one of the main dining rooms for a change of scenery for breakfast.  Menus and table service just to be different (rather than the buffet upstairs on deck 16).  Certainly a nice change of pace as I know this is going to be another ‘how much work will I get done’ day.

Breakfast done, coffee consumed and off to the Wheelhouse Bar (my office, remember?).  Not a lot of time to get anything done as today, just a few steps away, there will be a culinary presentation I had wanted to take in.

The Princess Live theatre is a smaller room dedicated to creating what will later become ship wide TV shows.  Today is sushi preparation, put on the ships Ocean Terrace (sushi bar) chef, Ruel.  He and his assistant, Rossini are both from the Philippines.

A proper accounting of Maki roll creation is not the purpose of this blog as you could Google better instructions than I can possibly give.  Having said that, Ruel and Rossini do show a skill outside of my own relating to the making of these wonderful bites.  If you would allow me to compete with them in the consumption of these (or any other forms of Japanese culinary wonderments) I’m sure I could more than hold my own however. 😊

Tuna with sriracha and tempura

Crab roll

Scallop roll

Salmon roll

California roll.  Biggest difference here is that this has the nori on the inside and the rice on the outside.

Shrimp roll

Sorry I didn’t get pictures quickly enough before the crowd started nibbling.

All that did was enhance my already fired up desire for more of these delicacies.  As it turns out on Nov 29, at lunch in the middle of the buffet area upstairs, there will be sushi / maki tastefully laid out for all to enjoy.  Why yes, thank you…I believe I will be there. 😊

Now back to my office to get more work done.  Gibraltar should get completed and posted.  Barring any interruptions….  Arguably the Princess Live Café’ (don’t let the name fool you, there is so much more than coffee) is a little too close to my office.  It’s a price I must pay.

What???  You’ve never had a frozen 24kt Tequila Margaritta while sailing the Atlantic before?  You really should investigate further. 😉

Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.

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