Day 28 – Sea Day

Well this is certainly a change.  The seas today are reminding us who really is in charge of our safety.  The ship is rocking pretty good with swells in the ocean approaching 8 meters.  Makes walking around an exercise unto itself.

Another turn of events is our total lack of internet connectivity.  The passengers were all warned a couple of weeks ago that this was likely.  Princess Cruise lines even went so far as to reimburse everyone that had paid for internet, a couple of days per person for this inconvenience.  It is an appreciated gesture and the right thing to do even though lack of satellite connectivity is not really their fault given our physical location.  Maybe when Elon gets more Starlink satellites up, things will improve for everyone.  Maybe.  But there are many arguments to the contrary as well.  And we’re not going to get in to those. 😊

So with my post on Tenerife all set to go (I really did get some work done yesterday) I can not do anything to get it up to the cloud.  I guess I could just throw the laptop straight up, but I don’t think it will help.

I am now forced to contend with a  …   L   A   Z   Y  day!  Maybe a little more exploration around areas of the ship I’ve not managed to get to yet.  The pool at the extreme back of the ship and the putting green way upstairs.

Maybe tomorrow??

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