Day 26 – Sea Day

Hello again from the ship, still firmly ensconced in the middle of the Atlantic.

I did promise myself (and you) I would get more done.  So that is the sum of the plan for today.  Finding the perfect place to work in the Wheelhouse Bar on deck 7 was done early on during the cruise.  It has become my defacto office.  A table, comfortable chair for my derriere and an electrical plug in the wall right beside me to use as necessary.

Most days there are very few people here and better-than-elevator music plays from the speakers above.  Windows to the right provide light and continuous proof the waters outside are still playing nice.

Little to write about this day because I actually spent it getting 2 days’ worth of blog posts done.  Corsica and the sea day immediately thereafter.

So later I took a bit of a break.  I wanted to get one more posting done but the warm weather just held too much allure.  Having promised myself at least one trip to a hot tub, a little pause seemed in order.

Back to our room for the mandatory swim trunks (but I did leave my speedo at home so, for that, everyone was thankful).

The mid-Atlantic completely surrounds us now with nary a palm tree or sandy beach or mountain in sight. Very smooth sailing, few clouds all paired with 23c for an air temperature, makes sitting in the warm, back-massaging tub a very welcome respite indeed.  As it turns out a little too comforting as I managed to burn my shoulders a little.  Thankfully not a lot so no peeling or blistering but it did end up being very itchy.  Worse has happened so no complaints here.

Today’s internet connection is not terrible so uploading, although time consuming, does happen without any major interruptions.

I deserve a drink for such hard work. 😊

See you tomorrow!

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