Day 25 – Sea Day

Nov 25 first of 7 sea days…

Ok…with 7 full sea days ahead of me now, I Should be able to get caught up on my blog.  And maybe even have a little time to do a little more around the ship.

The 2 recent sea days did get me closer but I find there is always so much to regale you with and pictures to upload that the I never really get as much done as I would like.  Couple that with rather slow internet and you see the problem.

Lazy time can be productive in its own way.  Mental relaxation (other than sleeping at night) is important…but so is hydration.  As is dinner.  A little too easy to do both onboard this floating hotel.  To excess even.

A word of caution to those of you who have never cruised.  NOT a good time to start a diet.

Tomorrow is another day and another post will happen.  I got Genoa done today so I don’t feel overly guilty. 😊

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