Day 24 – Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain

We have reached a kind of milestone…I guess.  Tenerife, Spain is our last port of call before…The Crossing!  It’s tiresome, I know, but once again the weather is more than gracious.  Currently 20 C and sunny with no threats of being otherwise.

It is simply a walkabout day.  The port is very close to town so even a shuttle is not necessary.  There are a number of other ships in port today so foot traffic will likely be more than experienced in the past.

Walking down the road along the pier, our first bit of interesting navigation is not to simply cross the street.  No, a circular ramp leads up to the main street level where we venture a little more inland, looking for the tourist information bureau. 

Having done a marginal bit of research ahead of time its location, though skillfully hidden beneath a sloped garden, was discovered along with a few other treasure spots along the way.

Map in hand (with a photo of an even bigger one should the need arise) we carry on.  Obviously we are slightly ahead of the crowds as there is not an overabundance of people to deal with.  The street followed, while on the map, is not the main market street as was intended.  Regardless, as has often been the case, it provides its own unique view of the city.

Each city visited has given some wonderful visions of how to welcome its inhabitants on a daily basis.  Whether it is with fountains or greenspace or colorful rapid transit, almost every corner turned has something special.  Even a mundane street bench can be shown to be so much more than just a place to sit

Not to forget the statues.  This one being just outside the Theatre Guimera.  It is a bronze statue by Polish sculptor Igor Mitoraj.

And this is La Aquadora de Santa Cruz, a statue to commemorate the way people used to get water for their families from local fountains.

The African Market is open every day and, on weekends (naturally this is Friday!), they are also home to a large flea market.  Even before you enter, tributes to those that contribute, fishermen and pottery makers, greet you.

Worthy of a slow walkthrough due to its wide variety of things local, eye candy is everywhere.  Foodstuffs, liquor, baubles and bangles, spices…one has but to be methodical with your head on a swivel.  Take it all in or at least as much as you can.  And don’t forget downstairs for a visit to their fish and cheese market.

Leaving the market, making our way to the main market street, more relaxing areas reveal themselves.  Almost never-ending one surprise after another and at least one with a portion that seems, by its sheen, to have been massaged many times.

Market street is exactly what the name implies.  A very long street with store after store, all physically connected yet totally separate in nature.

All this walking about naturally brings a thirst and a slight rumbling in the tumbly.  So, the pause that refreshes is in order.  At the top of the street (which has been a gradual uphill climb all the way) is a park with mandatory statue.  It also has a lovely restaruant that beckons with open tables.  Who are we to argue?  Iberian ham, Manchego cheese, still warm fresh bun and Sangria seem so apropos. 😊

The trip back, although just as long, is noticeably easier as it is all downhill.  As we walk down the other side of the street, I need to stop as I think I’ve found a hat store.  Yes, my inability to find that magical ‘Enough’ number of hats is equaled only by my wife’s problem with purses.  At least it’s not diamond rings.

The Shepard and his dog seem to beckon, perhaps to keep us from leaving.  Oh, that it could be so.  This wonderous adventure is about to begin its final leg.  That can only mean one thing other than several sea days in front of us.  The end is near.

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