Day 23 – Sea Day

Another sea day prior to the last destination before our ocean crossing.

Catch up has proven a challenge but I am slowly overcoming same. Today I’m only about 3 days behind and can only hope my delays have not led to your inevitable boredom with this blog. Probably a good reason while I’ll never make money with it. 😉

Still, that has never been the goal. Sharing the experiences we have had hoping to inspire others to go forth and explore is really what I’m trying to do.

Health, time, finances, family commitments all have impacts of varying degree on travel of any kind. Just keep in mind the world is still an immense place. Your home is but one very small part of that world. Certainly one you should treasure, but keep that willingness to explore and broaden your horizons. How you do it is less important than actually doing it. Our choice is cruising (mostly). Yours may be to hook up the trailer and hit the pavement. It doesn’t matter. Just make use of the opportunities as they arise. I promise…you will never regret doing so.

But…the above missive is one reason (plus a multitude of others) why my blog updates get delayed. I must depart…for other pages. 🙂

See you soon.

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