A New Way To See

So here we are…a little less than two short months til our official departure day. That countdown you see on the side is relative to when the Ship departs. Barcelona will be welcoming us a few days earlier. 🙂

Almost everything is planned regarding excursions with only a couple yet to be determined. They might even fall into that category of Get-Off-The-Ship-And-Wander-Aimlessly. That is not necessarily a problem category as we have done that numerous times without issue either with time-management OR finding places to explore. There are so many places that will be new to our eyes. Different sights, sounds, tastes and ways-to-part-with-money will be easily located I’m sure.

Now for some Other exciting news, at least for me personally. This coming week and the week following I am getting cataract surgery done! After sixty plus years of slowly failing eyesight I’m getting a new way to see. 🙂 The timing couldn’t be better given our upcoming exploits. The original exam to determine the real necessity of this was at the beginning of this year. Expectations of the actual operation date appeared to be sometime possibly in November…which meant (realistically) it was not going to happen until after our return. But…it was all contingent on how fast the hospital could make more elective surgeries happen (given the COVID situation). Fortunately for Everyone, things are improving very well. So much so I now am going to be better equipped for this cruise. 🙂 Happy Cruiser indeed!!

So what else has happened? The garden is becoming more and more barren which is a sad thing for sure. But this year (for us) was very lucrative from a tomato standpoint. Peppers are still HANGING IN (couldn’t resist!) and the hot ones are finally (albeit very late) making an appearance. Other things are gone…celery, peas, most of the swiss chard…and the squashes…well we won’t even talk about how they didn’t even show up to the party. 🙁

Time to drain the rain barrels, make sure the oil and gas are good in the snowblower (there’s a wonderful thought 🙁 ) and consider when best to take down the roof on the gazebo. Another summer almost gone and winter on the (still distant) horizon.

Just one more pre-takeoff blog to do and then the REAL fun begins. This website is finished with the revamp (which had its own learning curve). But, it is now easier for you to read (I hope) and easier for me to add to. With that in mind, my own expectation is there should be an abundance of unique content as we get underway.

Can I promise new everyday? No…but I’m going to give it the ol’ college try! (Wait a minute…I didn’t go to college….)

Stay tuned…more distractions are Absolutely on the way. 🙂

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