Another month closer

So now it’s August which means we’re another month closer to the beginning of our next adventure. Flight changes dictated arriving a day earlier than originally planned, but that is certainly not a bad thing. Especially when the destination is Barcelona!

An extra day gives a little time to relax from the long flight (Edmonton to Amsterdam…then Amsterdam to Barcelona…all same day). That is a wonderful expectation, but not likely to be a huge reality. After all…it IS Barcelona!

Time will tell (and this blog will confirm) but I strongly suspect there will be at Least some immediate exploration of the area in and around our hotel.

This blog has evolved and my intention is there will be some videos this time around. Having seen other travel blogs and YouTube travels I will state my videos are not likely to be music-enhanced-stunning-8K-realism-complete-with-voice-over and captioning. I just will not have the time necessary to do the editing that requires. Each day (other than sea-days) will be spent off the ship for pretty much the entire day. Back to the ship…dinner…after-dinner entertainment, etc…just not enough hours in the day. But there WILL be some videos. You will be the judge as to their worthiness. 🙂

As a matter of fact, right here right now will be the first test as to how well this will (hopefully) work. No…not ship/adventure related, but as a lead-up to same. A while back I mentioned that many things will happen prior to our departure. The garden, for instance.

It has transformed itself. From seedlings first nurtured in the house and greenhouse, to strengthening in larger pots in the greenhouse, to planted in the plots…and now finally to fresh veggies for the table. Have to say…mighty tasty indeed!

Please view this in the spirit it was created…which was one of “Can-I-Do-This?”. And yes this one does have audio. I suggest viewing any of the pictures (or videos) on your computer (or at least a laptop/tablet). Smartphones don’t always display things properly. Likely the fault of yours truly for not optimizing for ALL devices.

Our Garden – 2022

Some things are actually coming to…fruition! ( I had to…I’m a DAD so Dad jokes/puns totally allowed).

Time to our next cruise is not ~flying~ by, but it is certainly moving along fairly quickly. Only 2 full months (and change) till we leave. Larry and Char (the couple joining us) have, like us, been trying to plan what do to at each port of call. Researching and deciding and changing and researching more. With basically a full month of travel and so many new places to visit, making the most of those visits is paramount. Having said that, it will also be Most Important to just have Fun! Take in the wonders of ancient times, taste the local food and beverages, talk with the people that live there…LEARN.

Life is short. A great friend keeps telling me we only get so many heartbeats and we never know when that last one will arrive. Make the most of any travel you do as you may never have the opportunity to return.

May our (and YOUR) heartbeats be countless. 🙂

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    • Always glad to have an unbiased opinion…and I value yours. So far comments have been positive so I guess the improvements were timely and needed. 🙂


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