A Certain Beauty

I have mentioned in the past (and re-affirmed since) that many things will change before we leave. Death, taxes and change…the three inevitables. Here we are, finally, less than a month before departure and that last one happens daily it seems.

The garden is all but completely gone – a few peppers remain (hot ones in the greenhouse and regular in the main garden). Other than that, there is nothing but dirt and drying grass. The gazebo roof is removed for the year and Thanksgiving looms. Halloween happens and the very next day we are airborne. 🙂

And oh yes. The leaves! The many thousands and Thousands of leaves. Having grown up in a yard replete with trees and been part of a tree-farm in my younger, formative years, I can’t imagine Not having them in the yard. However they do tend to add their own yearly annoyance. But they also add a certain beauty to the yard as well. A little work for yearly enjoyment is something I can put up with. 🙂

All I have to do now is rake them all. That has happened…more than once already in the past couple of weeks. (Looking at the picture one has to wonder if I’m fibbing.) There will be many more before the snow flies. Here’s hoping We fly before the snow does. 🙂

Other changes we had certainly hoped for have happened. Anti-gen testing and mask mandates are gone, both here in Canada and for all our ports of call. Certainly a convenience but with that comes a little trepidation as well. Can we really depend on the honesty and healthiness of others? Time will tell for sure, but for now we stay positive in our belief people will be careful.

Our tours are all booked. Flight is confirmed (subject to change at the whim of the airline naturally). Weather is…whatever it will be. The only real back-of-the-mind concern is what the seas will be like crossing the Mid-Atlantic at the end of November. Hurricane season should be over (in a perfect world) but we likely won’t be doing any sun-bathing by the pool. Might be a little chilly.

On a final note for all you reality TV people out there. The Real Love Boat (starting Oct.5 ) is actually filmed on the ship WE are going on. Will we see any celebrities? Unlikely. The actual filming took place in June. But I promise to share our own, unscripted, experiences. 🙂

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