Piccadilly Circus

This being our last day in London with a Very early and Very long day tomorrow, we accept the fact that it will likely be a shorter day of exploration.  However, that merely gives the excuse to return and visit whatever was missed this time around (or even revisit some).

No early rising today so a later breakfast is enjoyed and sufficient in quantity and quality to easily take us through the rest of the day.  In and of itself probably a good thing.  Where to go after however?

Why not Piccadilly Circus?  Ok…let’s go see what’s what.

While not expecting a Big Tent and elephants, there was also no expectation of an area similar to Times Square/Broadway in New York either.  Billboards, theaters, and thousands of people.  Again the weather is being most cooperative in that it’s even nicer than yesterday.  And being Sunday, Londoners and tourists alike flock to all the hot spots.

Purely in the interests of perhaps an acquisition for the grandsons, stops at both the Lego store and the M&M Shop have to happen.  Quality control by Gido, after all, is paramount.  And that takes time.  😉

This entire area is really retail-overload.  Little treasures crop up from time to time though.  Case in point an absolutely entertaining beat-box performer had gathered a crowd and was just beginning his performance.  Without doubt watching him was time well spent.  Not sure I can upload my video of him here, but I will try.  No promises.  🙂

Having wandered about to and fro and given the day is somewhat warm (dare I say, hot?), a thirst has made itself known.  Hmmm…what to do, what to do….

With a name like Gordon’s Wine Bar, how wrong could this be?  After all, it’s been around since the late 1800’s so longevity and popularity don’t seem to be a concern.

The size large patio outside is, understandably, completely full so inside it is.  Down the stairs to a very old establishment, complete with original support timbers, rooms hewn out of the rock and historical newspapers plastered on the walls.  The bartender is most judicious with his pouring of my wine – he filled the glass to the rim and then decided to give me what was left in the bottle, gratis.  How can you fault that?  🙂

Out and about once more, making our way to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Shop.  We had tried to get in the last time we were in London as it was closed due to how late we arrived.  This time we fared no better as they aren’t open on Sundays.  Remember what I said about excuses to come back?

Off we go for a small repast at ye Olde Cock Tavern (like the rooster…c’mon!).  Age in this town (as much as just about anywhere in Europe) is commonplace.  This tavern has been here since 1549.  Its location is right across the street from the Temple Church.  Dan Brown fans amongst you will no doubt recognize that place from The DaVinci Code.

A light supper, a lemonade as a change of pace and now off to find a bus to the nearest Tube connection.  A word of warning to those of you going to London.  Should you want to ride the bus, while standing at the bus stop, do NOT assume the driver will stop for you.  You need to wave at him to indicate your desire to get on his bus.  Otherwise, unless someone on-board wants to get off, he’s likely to pass you by.

So ends our explorations of the British Isles.  Hopefully the little glimpse provided in this blog have given you some ideas as to things to do and see over here.  One thing that has never changed, for us, is the more we see, the more we understand how much more there ~is~ to see.  If you’re still healthy enough to travel, please do so.

You can only enrich yourself at the cost of enjoying yourself.


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