Appreciating that yesterday was a sea day, it should have afforded me time to update everything that needed to be.  However such was not the case.  It really became more one of total relaxation by doing nothing.

I use the term ’nothing’ purely as a reference; there was reading to be done, wine to be sipped, perhaps a brief closing of the eyes may have intervened along the way as well.  It is, after all, a vacation.  There should be some down time.

Today was spent in the beautiful little town of Honfluer.  Our port was Le Havre, France, which is quite close to the beaches of Normandy.  Some passengers took a tour there; history buffs, veterans and children of veterans.  Some wanting memories and some wanting closure.

Others went to Paris for the day.  Their bus left around 7:30 for the 3 hour ride to the City Of Light.  Getting back to the ship on time would necessitate them leaving no later than 3:30.  In a perfect world of no traffic in Paris, that should allow them about 5 – 5.5 hours.  We’ve been there twice for days in a row and have spent over 5 hours in the Louvre alone without driving for 6 hours to do so.  Ah well…c’est la vie.

I won’t bore you with details about Honfluer (which is just my way of saying we didn’t do a formal tour so I have no tidbits to share).  Perhaps the pictures will give you a glimpse.  What I can tell you, though, is that the town has a population of about 5,000.

And a yearly tourism population of about 4,000,000.  Can you say café’s and shops everywhere?

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