Possible Changes 2.0

Having been in the tech industry for what feels like forever, I have seen a multitude of changes and reinventions and reiterations of everything from software to hardware to bloatware.  This is likely the first time I’ve had to deal with vacation changes.  In addition, they can (for now at least) only remain as Possible Changes.  One of those has happened and it has suffered defeat (mostly due to cost).  Now we’re on Possible Changes 2.0.  Now, rather than Portugal (which will REMAIN on the bucket list, as I ~have~ to get there for a more in-depth experience), we are headed to Germany.  Some of these areas are in what was Eastern Germany (before the fall of the wall).

What started out as nine days in Florence, then tried to re-invent itself into nine days in Portugal, should now be three days in Berlin, three days in Dresden and three days in Cologne.  In the grand scheme of vacation planning, this really is not a bad turnabout.  I have never been to that part of Germany.

During World War II, most of where we are going had been decimated by the bombing by the Allies.  However, German resilience and determination have resulted in not only bringing back old structures, but also ushering in the 21st Century World.

It is part of both my wife’s and my own heritage which makes it even more memorable.

After Cologne we travel to Amsterdam for another three days to finish our adventure.  That is always the harshest reality.  Fortunately, it’s quite awhile before we have to face it. 🙂

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