Sea Day #1 – Day 4

A sea day is just a day to get caught up on a variety of things.  Sleep, for instance.  That’s a good thing to get caught up on.  Being on one’s feet for much longer than normal and adding miles to the treads on the soles of the shoes reinforces how tiring that can be.  Maybe if a person were more active during daily life?  Nahhh….there’s got to be a better way.

So…that order of business out of the way, time for a small(er) bite to eat.  This is going to be a much lazier day so we have to at least attempt moderation.

Spend some time on the blog, adding pictures etc.  Make a few tweaks aesthetically and leave it alone for a bit.  Check email and deal with same accordingly.  Done.

Now…find an area by the pool (in the shade to keep the lobster hue at bay), lay back and read a book.  Finish it, start another.  Maybe even do a slow blink.  REALLLLLYYYY slow blink…might take a half hour or more…..I’ll get back to you.

Ok…supper over and done.  Now it’s time to find my friend ‘The Wheel of Questionable Fortune’ (roulette is its more recognizable name).  I try (with pretty good success surprisingly) to set a $50 – $100 budget.  Win, lose or draw, I don’t take any more than that.  Today was the one where the ship gains back some of its losses from cruises past.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Oh well.

Maybe a quick stop at the Martini Bar…again, just for reference purposes.  Once seated I give the menu a second over (I gave it the once over the other night, remember?).  Next thing I know, I’ve actually found Dorie!!  A young lady beside me was drinking something that didn’t look like it was ‘directly’ from the menu.  A conversation was struck up and we chatted for a while.  Dorie’s on her (hoping I get this right) third cruise in the last 6 or 8 weeks.  She lives in Florida and is bombarded by deals from cruise companies that are difficult to turn down.  If we lived near a cruise terminal, we’d be doing the exact same thing.

Time slides by as do the martini’s and it’s time for bed.  Tomorrow is a full day.

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