Key West Florida – Day 3

So…here we are in Florida (again) but this time at the absolute end of the USA.  Key West is at the far end of a LOT of highway and even more bridges between it and the mainland.  There are 40+ bridges that are crossed in order to arrive at Key West.  The most notable of these is 7 Mile bridge.   And yes it really is 7 miles long.  It is also the iconic bridge that was (at least, visually 😉 ) blown up in the movie True Lies (with Arnie and Jamie Lee Curtis).

It seemed resaonable that we take a HOHO bus (Hop On Hop Off) just to make sure we see as much of the city as we can in a short period of time.  The bus has 13 stops over a 90 minute time frame and they run approximately every half hour…give or take.

Pepe’s Café is the oldest in Key West and was favorite haunt of Harry Truman.

There was a massive fire in 1886 and unfortunately their only fire truck (at the time) was in New York for repairs.  Needless to say that was problematic.

Duval Street (which is impressive to say the least) is the ‘longest street in the world’ as it stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.  A whopping 14 blocks. 🙂

The favorite wine in Key West is…  “it’s Sooooo Hottttttt”

Gas is only about $2.63 a gallon and the average tempurature is about 77 degrees.  With that in mind, it is the ONLY frost free city in the continental US.  There are about 800 islands in the Florida keys.

We finally got off the bus and walked around a bit.  Enjoyed a potty break and found our way back to a HOHO stop that we could join up with again.

The trip took us back to a stop for a bite to eat…apparently at one of the better seafood restaurants in town.  I have to admit, their deep fried conch and almost-cooked tuna were both very tasty. 🙂  I say ‘almost-cooked’ in a very complimentary manner.  Rare tuna and I are VERY close friends. 🙂

Then we stopped at Kermits.  A little hole in the wall eatery that has the distinction of being the inventor of dipped Key Lime Pie.  If you go to Key West, it’s pretty much impossible to NOT have Key Lime Pie.  However, here they have frozen a piece, pushed a stick into it (like a popsicle) then dippped it in chocolate.  Fabulous idea!!!

We walked back to the shiip (cuz we really Should try to get rid of SOME of the calories!) and proceeded to take the rest of the day off.

After all…it IS a vacation, right??

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