Departure Day – Day 1

It’s finally departure day!  Ok…maybe it’s technically departure NIGHT given the time, but so what?  We have made it through this last day, checked and rechecked as much as possible, spent time with close friends who have graciously taken us to the airport.  And now…we’re actually sitting in the airport at 10 PM waiting for our midnight flight to Toronto.  And yes, we then get to sit ~there~ for a couple of hours before getting on the next flight that will actually get us to Fort Lauderdale.  And yes then we have to catch our bus to the Port of Miami and wait ~there~ for a couple of hours till we can get onboard the ship.
Travel…wait…travel…wait…travel…wait  Sounds a little repetitious.

BUT tomorrow…being a Monday…I won’t be sitting in my office working.  We won’t be waiting any longer for this trip to begin.  We won’t be looking out our windows wondering when the plants will break free of winter’s hold and show their true colors once again.

Conjecture brings a belief the weather will be warmer, plants will be gorgeous, music will be phenomenal and our trip exceptional.

And nothing is going to make me believe otherwise…despite the fact that the weather outside right now right here is depressing.  Snow…wind…  No matter, there is NONE of that where we are headed.  🙂

Sleep is not likely to happen try as we might, but the ever-present e-readers will help the time slip by and boredom is easily overcome by anticipation.

The boarding call will boom from the speakers and the traveller round-up will begin.  It will be a little before midnight and, more importantly, it’s NOT United. 😉

The journey has begun and adventure awaits.

4 thoughts on “Departure Day – Day 1”

  1. Your timing is great-still snowing here! Hope you are on the ship now enjoying blue sky and sunshine. Have an awesome trip!


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