Less Than 30

It’s getting down to crunch time.  There are less than 30 days until our cruise and, as usual, time rushes forward like a snail through molasses.

Our suitcases have found thier way upstairs and now lay open and expectant.  Each day passes with an item or two being added when thought of.  The list sits close by, awaiting a small tick by each necessity to confirm its inclusion.  It is a mess, initally, but at least everything will be there when the formal packing day finally arrives.

Passports have been checked for validity, insurance bought and paid for, lotto tickets re-confirmed as losers (just in case there might have been a first class upgrade option!).  There is little that yet needs to be done.

Except for the inevitable hurry up and wait.

And maybe the odd prayer for good weather.

There aren’t a lot of sea days this time out.  That could be both a blessing and a curse.  A bit of a blessing in that we’ll have the opportunity to spend a lot of time visiting places not yet explored.  A bit of a curse for the same reason.  The feet are getting older, the knees a little less flexible and the yet-to-be-enjoyed pull of the Martini Bar onboard the ship!  Oh well…there are much harder and less enjoyable choices that would need to be made if we just stayed home.  We’ll tough it out somehow. 😉

We have not found many excursions (either ship-created or cruise-critic suggested) that have really piqued our interest.  One notable exception is dinner onboard the Natchez Steamboat in New Orleans.  Sure, we could dine on our cruise ship, but…it’s New Orleans…during the Jazz Fest!  What better time and method to experience some the of the best jazz in the world on one of the most iconic rivers of the world?  For the two of us, this is a must-do.  An update on these pages will surely follow. 🙂

As for other wanderings that will be influenced by our eyes and ears, they will show up here as well.  Come on April 24th!

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