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Kinda the First Day

It’s Sunday morning….Travel Day!  It’s finally arrived although with the amount of work still to be done in the house, it feels far from a relaxing beginning.

We thought it would be a good idea to have the main floor of the house painted…while we were away.  Brilliant plan!  Everything’s done for us and we come back to a (somewhat) new home.  Work’s done, smell is gone, paint is dry…then reality hits home.

For this to work a LOT of prep has to be done – by us.  Aside from moving all the furniture either out of the rooms entirely or at least to the center, there’s the wall plates that have to come off, pictures to take down.  Ceiling light fixtures need to be removed.  Bookshelves have to be emptied prior to moving them anywhere.  Home theatre system must be labeled and dismantled.  Closets have to be emptied.  Kitchen counter tops have to be cleaned off.  The list seems never ending.  Thank goodness we’re not actually moving!

Slowly the job becomes less and less til there really is nothing left.  Other than an echo throughout the house…and a living room that isn’t meant for living in anymore. 🙂

Shortly we’ll be on our way.  Anxious to…wait in the airport?  That hardly sounds like what a first day of a vacation should be.  But anticipation can be its own reward.  Tomorrow morning it will be time to take a Canadian bite out of the Big Apple. 🙂

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