New York Beckons

NYC and a little of the Caribbean

New York, New York…the city that never sleeps…the Big Apple…home of the MET, M.S.G., the Yankees, Broadway, Wall Street…  There is no end to the colorful descriptions or to the characterizations of this amazing city.

We have never been there so it seemed more than a little apropos that a cruise starting (or ending) in New York would be a good choice for our next adventure.  It is a little concerning that the itineraries presented along the eastern seaboard are primarily during the hurricane season.  On the other hand, we’re not getting any younger so we have decided to take the plunge (hoping that the phrase remains figurative…).

Late October is not prime time to visit New York, at least from a weather perspective (although this year looks promising).  It is, however, the time of year that our cruise departure dictated so arriving a few days early will give us a little opportunity for exploration.  Our hotel research gave us alternatives galore and it is the Marriott in midtown Manhattan that now awaits our arrival.

Speculation, experiences, and exploits are just a (relatively) short plane ride and (now) just a few days HOURS! away.

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