Malaga…just because we docked by 7 doesn’t mean we have to get up by then.  With nothing formal planned, 10…ish…seems a more reasonable time to get off the ship.

Today is just another HOHO day.  With two different lines going all around, in and out of the city, it seems like a good way to see the area.  The weather is gorgeous and definitely lends itself to viewing from the top, open-air, deck.

The city is one that has managed to blend so much of the old architecture with everyday life.  Again, old building are not torn down just to make way for new, gleaming towers.  While there is no shortage of them either, they are incorporated into their surroundings.  And well they should be.  The city has been around for 3000 years serving as a gateway to the farmlands along the Costa del Sol so the rich heritage it has deserves to be preserved.

A late lunch is handled by tapas…sort of Spain’s answer to Dim Sum.  That similarity, however, is only because they are both small temptations.  The food, the flavors and appearance bear no resemblance at all.  However, to choose one over the other really boils down to your location.  Beijing would not necessarily be a choice for tapas.  🙂

Back on the HOHO to see the rest of the route and off once more near the ship.  A surprise greets us at the lighthouse where we started.  The ship is no longer in sight.  It is startlingly invisible.  In the last half hour, an absolute blanket of fog has rolled in, big enough and dense enough to completely hide the ship.  And that’s a big ship!

As we approach the shuttle drop off at the terminal (it’s actually far enough away from the ship’s boarding areas to require a shuttle),  the ship being to materialize.  Given that we had to turn in our passports yesterday, so the Spanish border guards could clear and stamp them without our physical presence, it was reassuring to know it hadn’t actually left without us.

Tomorrow is the last sea day of this leg of the journey so a time to relax even more and perhaps catch up on this blog.  🙂  Many passengers will be leaving and even more will be getting on board.  it sounds like for the next 12 days our community is going to swell somewhat.

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