Gibraltar…the REAL Rock!  Not a terribly big piece of British territory.  It’s only 2.75 miles by .75 miles and quite firmly attached to Spain at the one end.  The U.N has requested that Britain give up Gibraltar’s colonial status.  That was in 1996 and Britain has not yet done so.

Even more interesting, in its own way, is the fact that gasoline is 1.12 Euros per litre.  Just marginally higher than Canada and even less than some parts (exchange factored in).

Once more, its tiny streets reminiscent of everywhere we have been so far.  Driving the large buses on roads that aren’t big enough for a car seems like a more stressful vocation than many others.  Envision something we would refer to as two-lanes, park cars on both sides, then drive between them.  Throw in the occasional 180 degree corner just for giggles.  Ok…their cars are smaller (overall) than here, but there are places where that roadway is the norm.  At least they drive on the proper side of the road and have a respect for pedestrians.  British they may be, but they don’t drive like it.

Although there were plans to take a cable car to the top of the rock, see the view and the monkeys (yep…wild and loose and will rob you blind, or bite your finger…depending) the line were just too long for patience.  One just to get tickets would have been at least 45 minutes, the other to get on the car itself, another half hour.


In the Sun.

Nope, thank you.  Riding the bus around the town provides all that was required for this stop.  Again, there is not much within 3 square miles.

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