Star Princess Cruises

This will be a quick view of our cruises taken aboard The Star Princess. It should be updated with each new cruise. Our third ever cruise, this one in 2009 (again, before blogging days) took use down the west coast of North and South America. This was one of the very few times we actually … Read more

Onboard The Star

A gallery of pictures of our life aboard this ship. This set from our very first cruise. Unfortunately it was before I had my blog set up so I can only provide a little insight.

The Star Princess

Another ship that we have been on prior to my blogging days. 🙁 In fact we have been on this (albeit older) ship twice. The first was a two week back-to-back in the Caribbean in 2005 (our very first cruise!) and the second was to South America in 2009. Hopefully I will be able to … Read more