Day 15 – Basel and good-bye

After leaving Strasbourg, the last leg down the Rhine begins.  Travel is done all night and in the morning disembarkation begins.  A final breakfast, while not mandatory, seems prudent and, as always, pleasurable.  The bus arrives, gorges on luggage and wayfarers alike and departs.  Zurich, and land-based accommodation await.

It’s Sunday, so our wait for a taxi at the train station (where we were deposited), is somewhat lengthy.  Some people had left much earlier to get to the airport for their return home.  Others had elected to extend their stay through hotel arrangements made through our cruise line.  But they would only be in Zurich overnight catching their plane the next day.  Our choice was to remain in Zurich for two nights, then catch the train back to Munich where  we would pick up our pre-rented car.

Sunday is truly a day of rest over here.  Almost nothing is open, aside from a couple of Very expensive restaurants.  A walk around the immediate area (in fact we are in the University area) and we discover 2 very nice bakeries.  Both had the requisite extraordinary deserts, but they also had a fine selection of pre-made sandwiches, salads and soft-drinks.  In addition, you could pick up cold cuts, cheese, buns etc. and create your own delights.  Which is exactly what we did.  Without doubt a much less involved and robust supper than we had become accustomed to on the ship, yet totally delectable nonetheless.  That, coupled with a bottle of wine leftover from the ship and dinner was complete.  And very sustaining.

Time now to work on this blog and do some serious catching up.  Tomorrow calls for a tram ride to the famous Zurich Bahnhofstrasse arguably the most notable of its kind in Europe.  Hopefully I can escape with most of my cash still in my pocket.

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