Dec 1 – Sea Day

Ok…final day without internet. It’s supposed to be up by 3 PM. Which, almost by definition, means everyone on the ship is going to attempt a connection at that time. And we all know what that will do to bandwidth.

Travelling across the ocean, from one continent to another, does have its drawbacks. However it also has its benefits. Relaxation can reach new peaks…but so can eating and drinking so one must temper those somewhat.

There is lots to do onboard and there are even more places to simply sit and do nothing. I’ve tried to make use of both areas. 🙂

All my writing, except for this day and tomorrow, are done. Pictures are all edited and ready to go, but right now that is not happening. Fine…I’ll wait til 3.

Like everyone else.

Oh Look! It’s now 4 PM and the internet is Finally connected. Only an hour late, but I’m not likely to be going anywhere soon, so it’s not the biggest concern.

Packing is all done for tomorrow. Actually, for tonight, as we have to have our luggage outside our cabin door before we head out to dine. Princess is offloading it for us so we need only move it to the bus. They will then load it and take us to the airport tomorrow at 8 AM. AFTER we find it among the thousands of other pieces. But…they do have a system (bag-tag color coding) to help narrow down the search.

Well, as suspected, internet traffic is so intense there is no way I will get anything uploaded for quite some time. So…down for one last dinner at the Symphony dining room. The fact that it is the last one is a bummer.

So…no luck after dinner either. Ok…I will make the sacrifice. Off to bed….

Now it’s about 2 AM. And, as I also suspected, the internet is almost all mine. So I can finally get just about everything done.

Now it’s 4 AM and I Have to go to bed. Got to be up by 6:30 tomorrow…shower, etc…breakfast and get down to our waiting area to get off the ship. This page will have to wait til I get back home. Sorry…but I need my beauty sleep. 🙂

Last page coming soon…I think

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