Day 21 – Sea Day

Brief and to the point. Now finally, a sea day, one that is typically meant to do little else other than rest some weary bones from the tours all taken. Enjoy the pool maybe, or a soak in the hot tub, jets blasting against one’s back.

This cruise has been a doozy for time away from the ship. Today is the first catch-up day after 6 consecutive port and sight-seeing days. Early days, filled with more exercise than has been normal. Perhaps fused with more food and beverages than considered natural as well. All contributing to a lack of performance relating to posting in my blog.

However I have tried to maintain some sense of regularity. Close (sort of) to being caught up, I think I’m only 4 days behind right now.

After today, there are but 2 ports remaining with another sea day in-between each. After that we hit the (hopefully not) high seas westward, approaching that dreaded of all cruise days – disembarkation day.

Our longest to date, it has laid the groundwork to hopefully plan another. Time and finances will dictate more than anything else. But hope remains high. 🙂

Tomorrow is Gibraltar!

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