Day 14 – At Sea

You must be tired of me by now, constantly saying how good the weather is. Sorry…it’s just a fact that we have had to accept. Good weather is a wonderful thing to have when at sea. Being rocked to sleep is one thing, thrown out of bed is something else.

No port of call today so the plan is to do some catch up on my posts. Sleeping in is another part of that plan which will likely have at least a marginal impact on the writing part. What was Not part of the plan was the pain that kept me up for the better part of the night.

Too many stairs, both up and down…too many inclines and declines. Suffice it to say there are organs in my body that simply can’t do that like I used to. Of course this led to a longer sleeping in period than originally intended, which in turn, affected the writing process. Domino effect.

Let’s couple the above with slow internet service in and around Corfu. This makes uploading pictures its own struggle. Which brings further delays.

I can’t win.

When this sea day is done, we will have 6 straight days with a new port of call each day. Of course each of these come with their own tours and sightseeing and picture taking and and and…

Do you see the problem? I do hope your patience will not be tried past its breaking point as my posting is very likely to be…delayed.

I will keep up the good fight with verbosity that I hope meets with your approval.

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – At Sea”

  1. I am sure we can arrange to have the Order of Canada presented to you upon your return for your relentless pursuit and dedication to the cause!

    • I know there are many more people than I that are Much more deserving than I of that magnificent honor. Please vote for them instead. 🙂 However, if you could arrange for a new heart for me, that would be Very much appreciated. 🙂


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