Day 12 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia…another bucket list visit. This cruise is awarding us a number of different venues never previously enjoyed. To be totally accurate, there are also some we Have been in the past. This time around allows more exploration of the surrounding areas for those particular ports of call.

Today seemed like a day to change my shirt and pants. Just to maintain some aura of decorum, clean clothes from time to time is likely a smart idea. Gathering up all the necessary items to go ashore problem-free I have my cell phone (containing pictures of all necessary data), my medallion for getting off and back on the ship, lens cleaning cloth for reading glasses (also on-hand) and camera, sunglasses and my wallet. Welllllll….ok…where’s my wallet??

A quick search and then several, more intensive, searches reveal…nothing. A call to guest services yields the same result. How is this possible? This is our 15th cruise (overall) and I have never lost my wallet. Remember what I said yesterday about the small car we were in? As best as I can figure, getting in and out of the sardine can must have slid my wallet up and out of my back pocket at some time. Wonderful news. NOT!

Now the requisite phone calls to banking institutions to advise after locking the cards online. Only 1 credit card and one banking card (thank goodness) but also my driver’s license and health insurance cards. Remaining healthy for the duration has now taken on a more important role.

Panic somewhat subsided (after all, there is absolutely nothing else I can do about it at this time), we get off the ship and take a shuttle bus in to town. Again the drop off is right outside the old town (they’re everywhere!) and we set off on our unaccompanied trek.

Much the same as Kotor, the old town is replete with feasts for the eyes. A walk through and around can likely be accomplished in an hour or so providing you do NOT have a camera, of some sort, in hand. Teeming with history and ruins, one’s imagination can truly run wild with thoughts of How and sometimes, Why.

A while later our good friends took a more adventurous walk (and climb!) around the wall circling the town. Given these towns are right on a very well used coast, fortifications were a must. Pirate ships and invading civilizations were commonplace.

My dear wife and I decided a trip up the cable car may be a little more conducive to our overall athleticism. Again, the views from the top were worth the trip. More time and we would have certainly stayed for a bite at the restaurant.

So…while we’re up at the top, admiring the views, also note the near perfect weather we have been forced to put up with every single day so far! This, naturally, inspires the use of sunglasses. However, as we all know, sunglasses do Not assist in the taking of photographs. My shirt pocket is full of other items so I simply hang them off the front of my shirt…you know, right above the buttons.

It doesn’t take very long with camera fiddling and lifting it up and down causing its strap to bump against said sunglasses, that they simply fall off my shirt. Onto the pavement I’m standing on. On the plus side, these are not very expensive sunglasses but I am very happy with them. As they hit, one lens pops right out. Finally, after about 15 minutes of doing my best not to break them I get them seated back in the frame. Note…this is now number 2 of the ‘bad things come in 3’s’ scenario.

Having made our way back down, we meet up with our friends and thought stopping for a glass of liquid refreshment would be in order. After all, there was a significant amount of foot traffic that has seriously depleted our electrolytes. 😉 To say nothing of the tragedies that have plagued me today.

As a matter of curtesy to all countries we visit, my dear wife and I do our level best to have at least 1 of the local beers whenever possible. We have yet to be disappointed. 🙂

Properly refreshed we find the shuttle and make our way back to the ship.

Remember what I said above about having the medallion for getting off and on the ship? It is somewhat mandatory. It pops up with your picture for the crew to see you are who you say you are and records your leaving or return. One more panic situation is necessary to make this day complete. 3 for 3, right?

My dear wife has been carrying my lanyard in her bag, along with her own, to keep it from flapping in the breeze, so to speak. Apparently when I gave her mine earlier, the medallion had fallen off without notice by anyone. So hear I am, wanting to re-join the passengers on the ship with a bare lanyard in my hands.

Princess crew, being the really wonderful people they are, looked at my passport (which I had taken given no wallet!), confirmed that no one with my name had already boarded the ship, and welcomed me aboard with open arms. From there a quick trip to guest services and I had another in my hands without issue.

This day is OVER!

Tomorrow is Corfu, Greece. It’s just got to be better.

2 thoughts on “Day 12 – Dubrovnik, Croatia”

  1. Unbelievable!!! I am going to get you a “manpurse “ to carry everything for your next trip. Luckily all 3 bad lucks are used up! Only going to get better!

    • I think I will need one. 🙂 I’m also a little behind in my posting so I guess that’s another thing…but more my doing (or NOT doing). But I’m trying to catch up. 🙂


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