Change is constant…

The older I get, the more time seems to fly by. Just last night my Son-In-Law and I were talking. He and the family just came back from a quick trip to Jasper, Alberta. Showing me the pictures taken both along the way and during their own adventures there, we started talking about the importance of taking pictures. A little like myself, he enjoys the old-school albums that he revisits when at his parent’s place. But he also recognizes the value of being able to store current pictures in various places for future viewing, to help protect loss or damage.

As this conversation progressed it led to musings on both our parts about watching our kids grow up and how fast that happens. He sees his and marvels at how 9 and 5 years have disappeared right before his eyes. I look at mine and can’t figure out where 35 and 40 years went.

Pictures are so very important. Memories can fade over time so any help to keep them alive and vibrant is more than a little necessary. In truth that is one of the reasons for this blog’s existence. Obviously not just for the pictures but also to enhance those trips down memory lane that I have already taken and the ones I know will follow.

Earlier in this blog I had mentioned that before this trip started, a number of things would happen. Now, so quickly, some of those have come about.

“Spring is sprung, the grass is riz…” the garden is up and now it’s Father’s Day. Yet it seems like such a short time ago I had only begun the blog on this adventure. And…the adventure itself has not even started!

More inroads have been made with respect to tours and excursions we will be (hopefully) taking both by ourselves and with our travelling companions. The cruise industry itself is recovering and places in Europe are doing so as well. So many positives to look forward to. 🙂

Because all things are not perfect, we have had one hiccup. Our flights to get to Barcelona were from Edmonton, to Toronto, to Barcelona. We got notification of a flight time change (only 1/2 hour earlier, so no biggie) on the leg to Toronto. But…the flight to Barcelona no longer showed on the itinerary!! No explanation, no “here, this one is available instead”…nothing. What did they expect us to do…Swim???

Now we are left exploring different options. One of them might actually be workable. Nothing that would be the same price of course…that is simply out of the question. Our luck does NOT run that way. But, flying a couple of days earlier, we can go direct from Edmonton to Amsterdam…spend a couple of days there further upgrading our entire adventure…then fly in to Barcelona. We would get to Barcelona the same day we had planned to originally AND enjoy a city we had longed wanted to visit anyway. Essentially a win-win. Not financially what was budgeted for however.

Yes, change is constant…which leads me to another revelation.

This blog has been a treasure to me and I hope, in some measure, at least a little entertaining to you. But it is old and tired (much like myself. 🙂 ). With that in mind, I felt it was time for an overhaul. Before our travels, you should be finding your way through a new and improved blog-site. But, like our airline travel, this assumes things go as planned. That remains to be seen, but I am Very confidant.

I’m excited for the transformation. If all comes to pass the way I anticipate, this blog should be more 2022 and less 1960. LOL!

2 thoughts on “Change is constant…”

  1. I always love reading about your adventures! And your blog is amazing so I can’t even imagine how it will be better. Keep writing !!!

    • Hi Linda…thank you for your kind words. As mentioned, my blog is…tired looking…and I felt it needed a kick in the pants, so to speak. I hope to have some things done within the next month if the creek don’t rise too much. 🙂 One of the main things is that all the older, previous cruises will be incorporated into the new layout. AND they should all be available in (reverse) chronological order for a change. 🙂


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