Retirement and Turning 65

This past year has been one of massive change for me.  My mother passing away, dealing with everything That brought about and then ending up on long-term disability, put many things into perspective.  This blog is Not for that type of reflection.

However, one thing that also came from 2019, was the beginnings of a plan.  One that involved (health dependant!) an extended tour of lands yet discovered (by us).  The travel bucket list always seems to be similar to the honey-do list.  When one thing gets crossed off, another takes its place so the list never really gets any smaller.  However, I have never minded that problem with the travel bucket list. 🙂

We have done many cruises in the past 15 years – around various Caribbean Islands, up to Alaska, through the Panama Canal, down the west coast of South America, the west coast of North America, around the British Isles and a couple throughout the Mediterranean.  We even managed to do a river cruise that took care of another bucket list item – Oktoberfest in Munich.  Admittedly not nearly as much travelling as people we have met along the way, but certainly more than either of us ever envisioned.

The world never gets smaller (physically) but the ability to see more of it improves all the time.  YouTube (and other facilities like it) provide one method of viewing the world (albeit through eyes other than your own), but you all know it’s just not quite the same as being there yourself.  What we have found it particularly good for is finding things to do, places to go and sites to see.

Northern Europe has tempted us long enough.  Now it is time to ‘make the scene’ , find Fernando and the Dancing Queen and determine if Lutefisk can actually taste good in its homeland (I’m still not convinced my palate will appreciate any difference).

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