It seems as if one cruise has barely finished and another looms ahead.  Wait a minute!  That’s exactly the situation.  Our recent foray into New Orleans and the Caribbean was excellent to say the least.  As always, however, it has left us simply wanting (dare I say…Needing?) more.

This year has been replete with many joyous celebrations what with marriages, retirements, birthdays and anniversaries.  Our own 40th anniversary is coming VERY shortly (July 9th if I remember correctly and it would be in my best interests to do so!!).

A big part of that rather monumental occasion is doing two cruises this year.  With the one now but a fond memory, the other awaits.  We have (finally) booked our flights, and now the real anticipation begins.

Once again we decided to include a few days, prior to the actual cruise, visiting the immediate area.  In this case, it will be the city of Tokyo.  It is, in fact, a city although if you considered just the population size, you’d be inclined to contemplate a different designation.  Tokyo proper has about 13 million people.  However if you include the greater Tokyo metropolitan area, that figure expands to 36 million.  With that in mind, strictly from a population perspective, it could be its own country.  Canada’s population, by comparison, is around 36.6 million.  Hmmmm….one city vs. one country.

Admittedly we do have a tad more land area than they do.  I can only hope we ALL continue to appreciate that fact.

If you have followed our blog in the past, you’ll know that our travels always include finding and enjoying local food and beverages.  This trip will be no exception.  With over 100,000 eating establishments (over 20,000 of which are Ramen-inclined) and over 250 Michelin-starred restaurants, I don’t think we’ll get to them all.  And this is before we even get out of Tokyo!!

The sites and sounds and crush of people was introduced to us in New York City.  I suspect that may be all it was, compared to Tokyo.  Just an introduction.

We’ll be sure to let you know.

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