Costa Maya – Day 10

To be fair to Costa Maya, we didn’t venture beyond the immediate tourist mall and central plaza.  Our cruise ship was the only one in port today so the area was not overly crowded.  That was fortunate for the lack of people was made up for by the abundance of sunshine (read: heat).

Amongst the normal shops and market venues there is also a swim up bar as part of a central pool.  This resides alongside another pool that one can share with dolphins (and their trainers).

This day was, again, started late, but also ended early (at least for us).  Having had our fill of the same shops and souvenirs, and not having booked any excursions to the lesser known ruins, we made our way back to the ship after just a couple of hours.

This is likely to be our last stop in the Caribbean for another number of years.  There are no regrets in coming to this relaxing corner of the world.  The tug of so many other places has become irresistible once again however.

The pool aboard the ship has few occupants, and the surrounding deck loungers are mostly empty as well.  This seems like an opportune time to take advantage of each.  The ship’s key card continues to bring free drinks so it only seems polite to make use of same.  From what I understand, this won’t work the same once back at home on Saturday.  Apparently it will have ‘run dry’.

Dinner at Sushi on Five (all in the name of preparatory research for our upcoming journey to Japan, you understand).  Junmai Daiginjo Sake (so stratospherically above the product of the other night!) that combined so luxuriously with what I found to be my uppermost limit of sashimi, nigri-zushi and maki-zushi, made for an absolutely delightful feast.

So ends another day.  Tomorrow will be both lazy and regrettable as it is our last.

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